Those dwelling in Atlanta can look forward to a whole lot of hands-on time with AT&T gadgetry, as the first AT&T Experience store to hit the east coast has landed in Georgia. The 5,000 square foot showroom enables googly-eyed consumers to play with U-verse, broadband internet, music-centric kiosks, a slew of handsets, mobile connectivity devices, and more accessories than you'd care to count. Apparently, this megastore will also sport a fresh, refined look, bunches of HDTVs, 30 employees to answer your inquiries, and aims to inform consumers about AT&T's wireless and wireline offerings. Notably, this won't be the last Experience shop to open on the right coast, as AT&T is reportedly hoping to erect "several more" to go along with the San Antonio and Houston openings that happened earlier this year.

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