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Zero Motorcycles cranks out whisper quiet electric bike

Darren Murph

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Can't scrape together enough coin to pick up an electric whip? Fret not, as your options in the not-gasoline-powered motorcycle realm are quickly expanding. Enter Zero Motorcycles, which already offers a Zero X dirt bike for a mere $6,900, and hopes to unleash a street-legal commuter motorcycle soon that will be "slightly larger and more powerful than the Zero X" and will sport the obligatory lights and turn signals necessary for street riding. Currently, the off-road flavor will cruise 40 miles on a single charge, can be recharged in just two hours, can be shipped in a cardboard box, and reportedly accelerates beyond 30mph in "just a few seconds." And if you're just now daydreaming about how splendid it would be to take one of these out for a spin, be sure and visit the read link below to live vicariously through a few lucky CNET employees.

[Via UberReview]

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