We've seen some pretty wild Wiimote mods in our day, but this control rig for the Xbox 360 definitely springs into the upper echelons of Wii-hackdom. This particular DIY effort involves a rather varied list of components, including a Wiimote and Nunchuk (obviously), an Xbox 360, a PC (in this case the Samsung Q1), a MagicBox XFPS, custom drivers, and a "black box" consisting of a hard coded microcontroller and spliced PS2 cable. Just a few things to get the job done. And the end result? A fully compatible, reticule-smoothing, Halo 2-ready Wii control system for your Microsoft gaming rig. Don't believe the hype? Hit the video after the break to see what it's all about.

[Thanks, Francis]

Video: Playing Halo 2 (Xbox 360) with a Wiimote