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Garmin introduces Forerunner 50 sport watch


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Garmin's Forerunner sport watches haven't always been the most wearable, but the company has been making steady progress in that department, and it now looks to have produced its most watch-like device yet. Helping in no small part to keep the size of its new Forerunner 50 watch down is the lack of GPS found in previous models, but it will still provide a fair bit of functionality, and it'll wirelessly interface with a heart rate monitor or "foot pod" to monitor your speed, distance, and other vitals. When you're done with your workout, the various devices will also automatically sync up with Garmin's USB ANT Stick (Bluetooth, we presume), which will let you log and share your information on Garmin's online training site. A number of different bundles are set to be available this October, including one with just the heart rate monitor for $99, one with the foot pod for $149, and one with both devices for $199.

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