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Hands-on with Epson's MovieMate 50 / MovieMate 72 projectors

Darren Murph

To be honest, getting our hands (actually, just the camera) around each of Epson's forthcoming MovieMate devices proved to be quite challenging, and we got entirely too close to meeting security on unfriendly terms when we tried to whip these bad boys around for some shots of the back. Nevertheless, we coaxed the MovieMate guardians into letting us shoot, so below you'll find a variety of photographs of the MovieMate 50 and MovieMate 72, each of which tout built-in DVD players. The MovieMate 72 actually sports a swiveling bottom that enables the projector itself to rotate, and there's even a few integrated speakers in there for good measure. From what we gathered, each of these should hit the market in a couple months.