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HTC Touch Slide pictured ahead of October 1 announcement?

Chris Ziegler

Remember that press event HTC's got coming up early next week? There are plenty of rumored HTC devices that could be announced -- and a few in particular we know readers are pulling for -- but it looks like we've got at least one here that's a lock to see the spotlight. Known to many by the codename "Nike," the HTC Touch Slide takes the original Touch's small, finger-friendly package and makes good on two of its indiscretions by adding a slide-out keyboard (similar in layout to RIM's SureType) and a 3G radio. Other features should include WiFi, 128MB of RAM, 256MB of Flash, and from what we can tell, a diminutive case that holds true to its forebear despite the fresh slide mechanism. Oh, and you NTT DoCoMo users over there, stop gloating that you've had this thing for a few weeks, would ya?

[Via MoDaCo, thanks ZSX]