Energy Sistem may not exactly be the most household name, but its latest pair of PMPs looks to be decent enough to garner it a bit of notice, at least from those willing to tread in less-familiar waters. Of the two, the unfortunately-named Inngenio 4000 DUET HDP M-EX is the slightly higher-end model, with it boasting a 2.8-inch display, 6GB of storage, a miniSD card slot, an FM tuner and support for Xvid video files, among other more common formats. The Inngenio 5000 HDP M-EX, on the other hand, cuts the storage down to just 2GB, and relies on a standard SD card slot for expansion. It does, however, boast a slightly larger 3.5-inch LCD, although, despite appearances, neither display appears to be a touchscreen. From the looks of it, both are available in Europe now, with the Inngenio 4000 running €155 (or about $220) and the 5000 setting you back €120 (or roughly $170).

[Via PMP Today]