We know it's still four months away, but today's bombshell announcement of a forthcoming iPhone / iPod touch SDK has got us asking a lot of questions, and we're turning to you for the answers. Sound off!

What do you expect from the iPhone SDK?
An open platform with tight security but no restrictions.4107 (19.5%)
A totally open platform with no restrictions at all. Also, I want a pony.1464 (6.9%)
An open SDK, but Apple will still control everything through iTunes.8095 (38.4%)
Pretty much just widgets.2865 (13.6%)
A massive disappointment, obviously.4549 (21.6%)

How much are you willing to pay for third-party iPhone apps?
Anything! Just give 'em to me!952 (4.7%)
Not more than $55942 (29.5%)
Not more than $202489 (12.4%)
The same as corresponding Windows Mobile apps.3396 (16.9%)
Nothing! OpenMoko 4eva!7340 (36.5%)

How does the announcement of an SDK affect your opinion of the iPhone?
Welcome news -- I'm definitely getting one now.3115 (16.6%)
Let's see how these digital signatures play out first.6503 (34.7%)
Who cares? I'd rather carry a first-gen StarTAC than be caught dead with an iPhone.2072 (11.0%)
Um, I was second in line to the iLoser and already have one, duh.3806 (20.3%)
Whatever, Apple is still way behind Windows Mobile, Symbian, and even Palm OS with this.3265 (17.4%)

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