Check it out: Leopard's been brewing in "public" beta (read: BitTorrent) for a fair amount of time and we'd be willing to bet that the majority of interested Engadget readers have already been either voraciously consuming every bit of available news about the new OS or straight up running the damn thing. Plus Apple's done the legwork for all the tech enthusiasts by posting walkthroughs and lengthy feature lists (not that our beleaguered-blogger selves are complaining about not having to handle it). When Vista launched we blew out the usual wall-to-wall coverage with hardware, software, and x-factor upgrade guides, live launch event coverage (not that Apple is having any big Leopard event), galleries, etc. -- but bear in mind, not only was Vista seven years in the making (compared to Leopard's 30 month release window), it was also fundamentally different from XP in ways that Leopard isn't different from Tiger. So we'll leave it up to you. What, exactly, does the Leopard-loving half of you reading Engadget want to see from us in terms of coverage of the new OS?

How do you want us to cover Leopard?
You did it for Vista you can do it for Leopard: blow it out!12212 (46.3%)
Eh, I've been following what's out there, keep it simple and give it the old Engadget twist.5077 (19.3%)
Just a simple review will do, no need to go crazy.3888 (14.8%)
Dude, I've already been running Leopard, focus your energy elsewhere.492 (1.9%)
Even though I wasn't really asked, I think you write about Apple too much and wanted to take this opportunity to complain. Er, vote.4690 (17.8%)

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