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Zune 80 not available in stores?

Nilay Patel

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So while the Zune 2 launch seems to be humming right along, we've noticed that the big daddy Zune 80 doesn't seem to be available anywhere -- and that it's oddly listed as "not available in stores" on a couple retailer websites. That's pretty strange, especially since we've spotted a number of floor displays for the Zune line that include the Zune 80, but damned if anyone has actually seen the thing -- and we're hearing that Best Buy employees can't even order them for in-store customers. As of right now, Target and Best Buy are both displaying no-store-sales messages on their sites, Circuit City just has the 80 as out of stock and Wal-Mart doesn't even have it listed. We've been told by sources that while the Zune 80 is in short supply, it will eventually be on store shelves, but when that'll happen is still the big question -- and if anyone has actually seen one for sale, let us know in comments.

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