Nielsen VideoScan
Blu-ray once again pulls ahead with help from Bruce in this week's Nielsen VideoScan numbers courtesy of Home Media Magazine. In fact this week's 72/28 (2.57:1) is the biggest lead Blu-ray has enjoyed since we started our weekly post a couple of months ago. HD DVD has a few hot titles of their own this week with Sherk the Third making the top five as well as Transformers which held on to HD DVD's only other top ten spot. Not surprisingly, the very expensive Star Trek box set failed to make the top ten. Judging by this list, it doesn't appear that Blu-ray recent discount sales had much of an impact on this weeks numbers and was more impacted by big titles -- surprise, surprise. The other trend that continues is Warner's Blu-ray titles make the list while its HD DVD brother does not -- we can't wait to see what happens in December when Harry hits the shelves. Judging by last week's titles, (not counted here) we'd expect much of the same next week, unless of course all those new HD DVD owners finally got done watching all those free titles and finally start buying movies to actually help red's cause.

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