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The Garmin Colorado 400 BlueChart GPS unit


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Well that didn't take long. The Garmin "Colorado" rumor we mentioned yesterday appears to be closer to a reality today. According to reports, the new device will be actually be called the Colorado 400 Bluechart GPS, and will sport a slew of new features, the biggest of which is the ability to display aerial photos and / or USGS topographical maps. Additionally, the new device (aimed at the marine market) will feature detailed, coastal US marine charts, a new "Rock 'N' Roller" input wheel, a 65,000 color 240 x 400 display, an SD card slot, 2-axis compass, an altimeter, temperature sensor, plus ANT Communications (wireless exchange of routes, tracks, waypoints, and geocaches between two units). No official word on whether this is actually available, but supposedly you can order it right now for $599.99.

[Via GPS Tracklog]

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