Of all the weeks to have a major outage of your online gaming service, the holiday and vacation weeks of Christmas and New Years may have to be the worst -- which Microsoft has learned all to well over the last ten days. We know you've heard plenty about it here at Engadget -- but that's really only because Xbox Live has had such a solid track record over the years, and we're all just as surprised as you. But while it's perfectly clear users have been seeing these issues, it's still unclear exactly how "intermittent" those issues really are. Care to let us know how you've fared in our wholly unscientific poll?

Poll: Have you been affected by the Xbox Live outages?
Things have been bad -- or really bad. Little or no gaming for me.3880 (24.1%)
I've seen outages here and there, but have been able to get on.2802 (17.4%)
Getting on has been ok, but I've had spotty gameplay.1100 (6.8%)
Things have been absolutely perfect over here. The family hasn't seen me all week.1013 (6.3%)
Eh, I've just been avoiding playing all week -- vacation is for vacation.1360 (8.4%)
Xbox Live? You actually pay for that? PS3 / Wii FTW.4568 (28.3%)
I hate video games. Also, I have no inner child.1397 (8.7%)

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