Hawking reveals HomeRemote Pro monitoring solution

Merely months after Hawking finally got its act together and began shipping out the HomeRemote, the firm is already upping the ante with a new model at CES. Logically dubbed the HomeRemote Pro, this iteration weds IP and Z-Wave technologies to enable users to control lighting, access control, video monitoring, climate control and entertainment -- and that's just for starters. The system also touts a new web server-based system that reportedly "allows for true plug and play installation," and yes, there's already a slew of peripherals (lamp / appliance modules, door sensors and motion detectors) ready to snag as you futilely attempt to quell your paranoia. Users can grab their own starter kit while looking over a shoulder next month for $200, and considering that you can keep an eye on things even from a cellphone, you really won't ever have to wave goodbye when leaving home.