Mark Levinson introduces his LG LHT888 surround sound system

Mark Levinson LG LHT888
Short on details but with a big name behind it, the two new Mark Levinson high-end surround sound systems from LG are coming out sometime in '08. The LHT888 (pictured) is for décor-conscious movie-and-music fans, which includes a 700W 5.1-channel DVD player with near 1080p upscaling -- whatever that means. The other detail we'd love to know more about is the "built-in wireless kit." We're not totally useless as we know what HDMI-CEC does, and we know we really miss all the new audio codecs that are required to make the most of our high-def media. There is also the AP133 -- no idea what it looks like -- which is supposedly built around the Super Blu dual-format player, which is especially curious considering it also seems to be missing the latest audio codec support. But hey, at least it's HD Ready capable.