Sony RHT-S10
Craving the custom install look, but not willing to tear down walls to get it? Sony has debuted the Sound Wall RHT-S10 stand for all your HT gear, and it's packing 5.1 surround sound to boot. The free-standing unit has a TV mount, amplifier and subwoofer all built in. Hang the display, route any wires behind the unit and plug everything together at the A/V rack in the base and you're all set. But hey, what about the rear channels in this 5.1 system? Those rear signals are mixed in with the fronts -- combined with Sony's S-Force Pro, they claim you don't need those pesky channels any more. We're skeptical, but they've packed in some good features: 350-Watts of digital amplification, 1080p24 passthrough, BRAVIA sync (CEC) and Sony's Digital Media Port for bringing your other media devices to the party.

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