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Linksys gets pretty with draft 802.11n home networking gear

Thomas Ricker , @trixxy
Linksys is keeping us busy with their new Ultra RangePlus family of home networking gear. Announced are the draft 802.11n Gigabit Router ($130 WRT310N, pictured), the draft-N Broadband Router ($100 WRT160N), and a trio of Dual-Band draft-N products including a USB Notebook Adapter ($80 WUSB600N), an ExpressCard Adapter ($80 WEC600N), and new Gaming Adapter ($90 WGA600N). The WRT310N and WRT160N both feature new un-Linksys designs with a dumbed-down, flash-based user interface and enhanced RangePlus internal antenna to keep the clutter down. The dual-band gear split the load between 5GHz (HD streaming or gaming) and 2.4GHz (everything else). The WGA600N, WUSB600N and WEC600N will be available soon, the others now.