Bluetooth car kits are usually pretty fuglicious, but Bluetrek is showing off a couple sunvisor-mounted NXT speaker-based units here at CES that are actually pretty nice. The SurfaceSound DUO (pictured) has a mini-USB port for docking in compatible BlueTrek headsets, and it'll charge 'em up while piping the audio through the speaker -- and if you aren't in a sharing mood, you can pull the headset out and carry on a conversation without interruption. We sort of prefer the SurfaceSound Compact, which is a straight Bluetooth speaker+mic kit, since it's a lot smaller, and doesn't lock you into one brand of headset. Check out tons more shots of both the DUO and the Compact in the gallery.

Bluetrek SurfaceSound Bluetooth car kits

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Bluetrek's SurfaceSound Bluetooth car kit puts a flat speaker on your visor