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Mio and Qualcomm to merge GPS, real-time traffic, and cellphone


In case you missed it, the biggest trend in GPS navigators at the moment is real-time, two-way data feeds for traffic updates. There's the Dash Express of course, and TomTom's ONE XL HD Traffic GPS navigator with real-time traffic feeds provided over Vodafone's GSM network. Now Mio is looking for a piece of that action with some help from Qualcomm. The collaboration brings Qualcomm's QST1100 chipset to the mix for real-time traffic updates (presumably two-way, or why bother), voice calling, search, and the always intriguing, "more." Details on the chipset are few. We do know that it features assisted-GPS, Standalone-GPS and gpsOneXTRA Assistance technology. How very marketingy. While no date for a device launch was provided, we have a funny feeling that one of MIO's prototypes spotted at CES or perhaps that Qualcomm reference design is due for mass assembly sometime soon.

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