You'll be needing some appropriately shady headphones to plug into all that leaked Sony audio gear we just showed you, and we've got you covered with info on a whole host of new headphones that'll hit in April. The MDR-AS20J, MDR-AS40EX, and MDR-AS50G all loop buds around your ears, while the MDR-AS30G drapes you down with some big ol' cans. Also leaked are the MS-AS100W buds, which look like a cross between classic Walkman headphones and in-ear monitors, while the MDR-EX700 does it straight-up in-ear style with seven different silicone sleeves for proper fitting. No pricing yet, but it looks like a strong lineup -- but we'll wait to see how these all sound before giving up our Ultimate Ears. Check 'em all out in the gallery below.

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