According to a recent NPD Group study, apparently seven out of ten HDTV owners don't see the need to go Blu-ray or HD DVD, because, well, DVD suits their needs well enough. We've yet to dig up the original report, but the point still begs the question -- and be honest with yourself now, this is an anonymous poll, after all -- are you still happy enough with the humble DVD?

[Thanks, Sean]

Are you still happy with DVD?
Yes, totally, DVD will last me until we've got pervasive HD downloads.21515 (40.9%)
DVD has served me well, but I'm waiting for a clear victor between Blu-ray and HD DVD.19008 (36.1%)
Seriously, you still use that crap? Blu-ray / HD DVD / downloads FTW.8621 (16.4%)
I only use my TV for watching the Daily Show.2082 (4.0%)
Whatever, I was NEVER happy with DVD.1436 (2.7%)

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