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Zeemote JS1 brings analog gaming to your Bluetooth-enabled handset


We had an opportunity to play with Zeemote's -- this name is somehow familiar -- JS1 mobile joystick at MWC this week and while we first thought it a bit kitschy, it's actually a pretty amazing little device. Zeemote supplies an API to game developers and in short order -- apparently anyway -- the game can adapted to use the Bluetooth-enabled JS1as a controller. The device features an analog joystick and four user configurable triggers for control in a really comfortable controller that is small enough to pop into a pocket when not being used. The best bit is that it's not a gimmick, it works, and really well. We checked out the Heli game shown in the picture above and the JS1 really made the game fun to play. Games such as Tomb Raider, Hellstrike 3D, and Sonic have already been ported and we hope more to come, no word on pricing but we're not expecting this to be a pricey toy. Hit the gallery for pics and read on for some video footage

[Thanks to Ohad from Mobile Game Developer for the vid]