Hallmark holiday or no, the pressure's on to turn up the romance today -- or, you know, not. So instead of yet another played list of crappy pink gadgets, we figured we'd just straight up ask, what've you got planned?

What are you doing for V-day?
Bought my sweetheart a gadget -- something pink.663 (3.8%)
Bought 'em a gadget, but it's definitely NOT pink.933 (5.3%)
Popping the question: can I be in your Fave 5?397 (2.2%)
Why the hell would I buy someone a gadget for V-day? Chocoflowers.3797 (21.5%)
Going to see Electroma and then a quiet dinner served by robots.799 (4.5%)
Nothing, I hate members of the opposite / same sex.2200 (12.5%)
Playing Call of Duty 4, obviously.8879 (50.3%)

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