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Philips shows off "Imagination Light Canvas" for the easily entertained


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Look, we're sorry, but 1,420 LEDs just isn't cutting it anymore. Maybe back when we were children a touchable 14-foot by 6-foot wall lit up by a myriad of magical blue lights would've managed to pull us away from our Lincoln Logs for a minute or three, but the kids of today grew up on Baby Einstein and a post-Steve Blue's Clues -- they aren't easily impressed. The Philips "Imagination Light Canvas" is being shown off at the Mercy Medical Center in Rogers, Arkansas, and allows visitors to touch the wall and "paint with light." Whatever you draw slowly fades over time, and apparently you can draw using a bunch of different colors and shapes, though we're only seeing blue squares here. The wall can accommodate six people drawing at once, and pulls about as much electricity as a regular toaster. It'll be unveiled on March 16th.

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