Dreamcast demo display shows up on eBay

Man, remember when the Dreamcast was all the rage, but no one actually had one, so you could only play on in-store demo units while fending off enraged Software, Etc. employees? No? Trust us, it was quite the thrill, especially topped off with some rockin' TCBY and maybe a pensive moment at the back of Spencer Gifts -- and now you can relive it all in the comfort of your own home, here in the future. Yep, a working Dreamcast demo station has just popped up on eBay, for the shockingly low current price of £230 ($456), although you'll have to be in the UK to pick it up (or be really, really dedicated to Sega). The Dreamcast is actually eminently hackable and still has quite a following, so you're well on your way to impressing your friends high-school style. Just try to not revive those raver pants while you're at it, slick.

[Thanks, Dan]