You might recall The Onion breaking the news back in October that the Apple backlash was set to begin as of today, and if The Onion says it, it's got to be true. Right? Sure, the Cupertino fruit company's been riding high as of late, but if America's Finest News Source has it, we'll all be looking at our iDevices like bellbottoms and Betamaxes soon enough.

Did the Apple backlash start today ?
Yes, even the fanboys have to admit things have been a bit stale lately.7509 (29.9%)
Oh hell no, Steve would never let that happen. RDF, RDF, RDF...4832 (19.3%)
It's on -- at least until we score some seriously updated MacBook Pros.2990 (11.9%)
Started? Yeah, more like "continued with the fire of a thousand suns."4091 (16.3%)
Who cares? The real news is the Gizmondo backlash.5658 (22.6%)