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Pinwheel and old VCR used to make wind-powered LED

Darren Murph

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Now that Blu-ray has emerged as the lone HDM victor, that aging VCR is likely looking for a new home (if it wasn't already). Thankfully, we've found the perfect excuse to rip it wide open versus hauling it off to the local thrift store. In one of the more elaborate how-to guides that we've seen, Charles Palen explains how to create a wind-powered LED by using scrap parts within a VCR, one your youngster's pinwheels and a varied array of power tools, wiring and calm nerves. Notably, an unwanted CD-ROM drive can be used if you're dead set on watching those Disney classics on VHS one last time, but regardless of which apparatus you destroy, be sure and hit the read link for the step-by-step.

[Via instructables]

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