We're closing out our Week O' Dell scoops the way it began, with Dell's new Ergo, revealed. Clearly, it's not a waffle iron or bulk food scale with LCD monitor. It's just an E-series stand supporting LCDs up to 24-inches. Sorry, but it looks like the existing Latitude D-series of docks won't work for the new Es. As such, prepare to purchase a truckload of new E-Ports to accompany your Latitude E6000 and E5000 laptops, E4300 and E4200 ultra-portables, and the semi-rugged E6400 ATG. At least the XT2 Tablet should work with the existing XT media base. All the details can be found in the gallery below.

Week O' Dell Scoops, part deux fini: the Latitude E-series accessories

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Week O' Dell Scoops Part Deux, fini: the Latitude E-series accessories