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UTStarcom's CTIA 2008 booth tour


UTStarcom are at CTIA with a few new products, including a prototype messaging device aptly named the TXT8010, the CDM7126c a CDMA clamshell, and an AWS modem, the UM100c. The CDM7126c -- the c stands for Cricket, there's also an m version but we'll let ya guess where it'll end up -- is low-end 800 / 1900 / AWS CDMA set that packs, Bluetooth, a 1.8-inch 65k display, into a very simple clean package. The TXT8010 in a messaging-centric device targeted at teens who care more about texting than talking. Featuring a slide out QWERTY keypad -- so nice -- Bluetooth, Openwave browser, a 2.2-inch 262k screen, SMS, MMS, and a 1.3 megapixel cam. The UM100c is a 800 / 1900 / AWS USB modem for Cricket and should find many friends with the new unlimited data offering they've started. Hit the pics below for a gallery of goodies.