Panasonic tru2way
Sure, we've got reports that this year's The Cable Show '08 (May 18 - 20) will be a blowout year for tru2way, but there's evidence that TV manufacturer support is lagging a bit. Hampered out of the gate by its crazy naming progression, the technology formerly known as CableCARD 2.0/OCAP/OpenCable has got some CE manufacturer trust to gain before it can take off. Don't get us wrong, we want to see the promise of a set-top box-less setup realized; but sadly, we don't call the shots for the industry. Counterbalancing tru2way's coming out party at The Cable Show '08 is this: TV manufacturer enrollment for the tru2way Developers' Conference numbers exactly one party -- Panasonic (no surprise there). Sure, there are plenty of technology providers signed up, but with Panasonic as the sole TV manufacturer, don't expect to see a flood of tru2way TVs just yet.

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