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UK researcher finds Bluetooth more of a privacy threat than RFID

Darren Murph

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Privacy advocates have long since pointed out that the sniff-ability of Bluetooth signals were cause for concern, but now one University of Bath researcher has a little data to back that up. Vassilis Kostakos placed four Bluetooth receivers in the city's center for four months, during which he and his team tracked over 10,000 BT-enabled mobiles. According to Mr. Kostakos, they were able to "capture and analyze people's encounters in pubs, streets and shops." He continued on to mention that "Bluetooth is now more of a privacy threat than the more frequently publicized RFID chips," and he encouraged worried denizens to turn off the BT function on their phone to help curb the paranoia. Of course, that won't stop Big Brother from seeing your every move whilst in the UK, but whatever helps you sleep better is alright with us.

[Image courtesy of Symbian World]

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