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PEGA Look@Me emoticon keyboard and other ASUS-funded product concepts


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Asus' R&D design studio, PEGA, looks to be coming up with some surprising product concepts as part of its Between On & Off exhibition. We're betting that none of these will ever see the light of day, but we're intrigued -- and prematurely annoyed -- by the Look@Me emoticon keyboard. Stocked with 40 emoticon bits (eyes, mouths, noses), the keyboard allows users to express their emotions on a more regular basis, if that's possible. Other concepts include Embrace, a night light that emits as much light as you have opened the book; JustDrawIt!, a power management device that visualizes on / off settings for appliances with a pen; and the On&On bench that doubles as a solar charger. Sadly, the exhibition is over, but check the gallery below for some of PEGA's other concepts.

Gallery: PEGA Designs Concepts | 8 Photos

[Via OhGizmo]

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