Worried that it's been a while since Helio's released anything? Relax, it's all good! We've been privy to some key details on the MVNO's next-gen Ocean -- the device known simply as OZ2 thus far by its FCC identification -- and things are definitely looking up for this monster to set the bar among QWERTY dumbphones whenever Helio gets around to releasing it. Besides the little box of visual stimulation there that we managed to pick up (sorry, that'll have to do for the time being), we've learned that the following features are being thrown around in Helio's testing; none are guaranteed for the final product, apparently, but most of them sound totally reasonable:

  • 3 megapixel camera
  • Dual slider, just like the original
  • microSDHC support
  • 1GB internal storage
  • In-browser Flash support
  • 30fps video recording
  • Touch-sensitive directional pad
  • PC sync capability

We don't have any info on pricing or release here, but you know we'll be hustling 'em hard to spill the beans. In the meantime, try not to drop that Ocean -- it's got to last just a little bit longer.

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