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NemeriX scores patent for single-chip GPS, GLONASS, Galileo receiver


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It looks like NemeriX is doing its part to bridge the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo divide, with it proudly announcing today that it's received a patent for a single-chip RF receiver technology that'll accommodate all three satellite navigation systems (China's Compass will apparently have to go it alone). Among other things, the single-chip solution will allow for manufacturers to reduce the size of their navigation devices by not having to include three parallel receivers, as well as allow them to market the same device to various markets around the world. Of course, there are scant few details about when we can actually expect to see the technology put to use, but NemeriX sees no shortage of potential applications, with it boasting that it'll provide customers with a "future-proof platform" that'll increase the availability and accuracy of "emerging location based services such as pedestrian navigation and mobile social-based networking."

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