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Video: Sony's $10k Sountina glass speaker gets a production nod


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Remember Sony's non-directional, glass-tube speaker prototype we showed you back in 2007? Guess what, it's now slotted into a production run. On June 20th, our Japanese brethren with ¥1,000,000 (about €6,500 / $10,000) to burn can take home the 6-foot tall, 50- to 20,000Hz trembling monument to music now known as the Sautina Sountina aka NSA-PF1. Inputs include analog RCA and digital coax and optical TOS supporting up to 24bit/96kHz linear PCM (stereo). As to the sound quality from the 13-cm subwoofer, 7-cm mid, and organic glass tweeter... who cares? This is all about making a visual statement which you'll communicate loud and clear, poser.

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