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Sony Ericsson births HBH-PV715, 720 and 740 Bluetooth headsets

Darren Murph

Sony Ericsson's finishing off the onslaught today from Singapore with a trio of colorful Bluetooth headsets, perfect for anyone who doesn't mind talking straight ahead and receiving all sorts of weird glances from other patrons in the local mall. The HBH-PV715, HBH-PV720 and HBH-PV740 arrive in a variety of colors / patterns, boast at least 10-hours of talk time (and 700-hours in standby), and DSP / automatic volume adjustment. The units are aimed at value-driven, fashion-conscience and business-oriented consumers in order of mention, and while specifics (you know, like price) aren't stated, the trifecta will show up in "select markets" in Q4.