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Amino launches AmiNET130M HD IPTV set-top-box

Darren Murph

While Motorola and friends had a field day at The Cable Show, Amino is looking out for you IPTV users at NXTcomm08. Presented today in Las Vegas, the AmiNET130M is hailed as the market's first 100% digital HD IPTV set-top-box, and you can bet it stands out in the crowd. The atypically designed unit measures just 4.48-inches wide by 1.37-inches high and packs an HDMI output and MPEG-4 support. You'll also find a USB 2.0 peripheral port, IR remote functionality, an optical S/PDIF audio jack and Smartfoot compatibility, but what you won't find is a price or release date. Sigh.

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