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Extron's RGB-HDMI 300 converts component / RGBHV to HDMI

Darren Murph

What is this, the unofficial week for dishing out HDMI equipment? Shortly after seeing an HDMI repeater and distribution amplifier from two separate companies comes Extron Electronics to tempt your wallet once more. The RGB-HDMI 300 conveniently converts incoming analog component video and RGBHV signals to HDMI, and while it won't accept Discover, it will play nice with HDTV resolutions up to 1,920 x 1,200. You can also select from a number of HDMI output rates including 1080p60, and the slim profile makes it easy to hide on the backside of a flat-panel. No mention of a price, but we're guessing it'll be somewhere between "costly" and "for real?".

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