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Canon debuts Selphy ES3, ES30 portable photo printers


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Does having a handle instantly make something portable? Canon sure seems to think so, and it's hoping the lug-ability of its new ES3 and ES30 Selphy printers will be enough to rope you into buying its special integrated ink and paper cartridges for years to come. For the most part, two printers are identical, although the ES3 does boast a slightly larger 3.5-inch LCD (as opposed to a 3-incher), as well as an added 1GB of internal memory, which Canon claims is a first for a compact photo printer. Otherwise, you can expect a 15-in-1 memory card reader on each, along with PictBridge support, and a number of frame, clip art and calendar functions to impress your friends with. If that's got you convinced, you can pick up both of 'em now, with the SELPHY ES3 running $199.99 and ES30 setting you back $149.99.

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