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Gefen's UWB / WHDI-based wireless HD solutions face off at CEDIA

Darren Murph

After last night's discovery that Gefen was proudly supporting both Tzero's UWB technology and AMIMON's WHDI alternative, we just had to stop by and see if it was true. After chatting it up with a company representative, we discovered that Gefen is indeed introducing two new wireless HD products, each of which uses a separate technology. The Wireless for HDMI Extender (UWB) was seen sporting a black outfit, and we were told that it'll ship in about a fortnight for $800; the WHDI-based GefenTV (that's the pair in silver) will begin shipping "later this year" for around a grand. When directly asked if Gefen had any plans to choose one protocol over the other, the rep simply stated that Gefen would be riding things out and supporting both until one took over.

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