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    Raon Digital's tiny Everun Note reviewed

    Tim Stevens

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    Don't call it a netbook. Placing Raon Digital's featherweight powerhouse up against relative monsters like the Eee PC or MSI Wind leaves you looking at a device that is tiny and fast, but at $879 is woefully overpriced. UMPC Portal was loaned one for perusal and found that it stands on its own, filling the gap (niche of a niche?) between ultra-mobile and ultra-portable. The six-page review was itself "written, edited, and post produced on the Everun Note in the car, bed, sofa and on the desktop." UMPC Portal rates its battery life as below that of your typical 6-cell netbook (3 hours on average or 2:15 if you can't live without WiFi), but indicates its dual-core AMD Turion X2 gives it the power to "span ultra mobile and desktop duties" -- even serving as a respectable gaming machine, which can't be said for your average Atom-based portable.

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