TiVo waltzed into Canada all Maverick like last November, with no carrier support, no partnerships and (for all intents and purposes) no hope of success. The Canadian television market is a bizarre one, and given that the Series2 that's available there now can't record HD, TiVo is (obviously) having a hard time gaining traction. Analysts in the country assert that it is "impossible for a third-party PVR maker to gain any traction in Canada without having a major television provider as a partner," and while that may not sound precisely "fair," it isn't far from the truth. Joshua Danovitz, general manager of international business for TiVo, has proclaimed that a deal with Canadian providers could be an option, and that it was also looking at "regulated access to high-definition signals." Even though Canada doesn't have a superabundance of high-def stations just yet, we'd say TiVo better find a way to record the ones already out there. And fast.