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Time Warner Cable brings 11 HD channels to North Texas

Darren Murph

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Earlier this year, Time Warner Cable decided to add 11 new high-def channels in Dallas, Texas, but many of the surrounding North Texas towns were inexplicably left out. A half year later, TWC is finally making things right by bringing the newcomers to Allen, Frisco, Stonebridge, The Colony, McKinney, Princeton, Wylie, Sachse, Parker, Murphy, St. Paul and Fairview. For those who have forgotten, we're talking CNN HD (740), TBS HD (744), History HD (745), Food Network HD (752), HGTV HD (753), A&E HD (754), Discovery HD (756), Animal Planet HD (757), National Geographic HD (771), Versus / Golf HD (786) and Fox Sports SW HD (787). Apparently, the carrier is also working to expand these even further, with Carrollton, Arlington and Addison (among other locales) to get 'em "in the immediate future." [Disclosure: Engadget is part of the Time Warner family]

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