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Google and GE in unlikely enviro-matrimony

Tim Stevens

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Google is the search engine monolith that everyone loves to love. GE is the energy and appliance maker whose public image ranges from ambivalence to dislike (and we don't just mean Nikola Tesla fans). While the two have worked together in the past to put a button on a phone, they don't exactly seem like ideal partners. But, hard times make strange bedfellows, and these two are snuggling up and cooing about the "smarter" energy grid they'll produce together. This includes more intelligent systems driving everything from electric cars to wind generators, which Google will tackle, along with a better infrastructure to deliver that power efficiently where it's needed. That is where GE and its industry-bending spin offs come in, though both expectant parents are hoping for a little help from our new administration to make the magic happen -- whichever new administration we get.

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