Nokia 6650, 2600 classic, and a funny Samsung show up in AT&T stores

It's that most exciting time again for AT&T store owners and their customers -- yes, that's right, it's dummy time. Empty husks representing the Nokia 6650 and 2600 classic are now finding their way into employee hands, along with a rather curious Samsung that we're told might be the a637. Seriously, Sammy's done just about every form factor and gone down just about every design direction, but does this translucent white pill of a candybar not look completely fresh? Looks pretty low-end -- GoPhone territory, if we had to guess -- but if you covered up the logo, we'd guess Pantech, LG... heck, even Huawei before we put our money on Samsung. Stay tuned for versions of these things with actual electrical circuitry in 'em; they can't be far off now.

[Thanks, Kal]