AV Toolbox may not be the first name that comes to mind when lookin' some new HDMI equipment, but the outfit has just rolled out a trifecta of reasonably priced, no-nonsense gear that may be just the fit for your switching, scaling and / or splitting needs. First up is the AVT-6041 HDMI Version 1.3 Routing Switcher, which enables easy switching between four HDMI sources, with or without HDCP protection. The AVT-6071 Multi-format Routing Switcher takes in a variety of analog sources (or HDMI sources) and upconverts 'em to HDMI standards (or thereabout). Finally, the AVT-6114 HDMI Version 1.3 Signal Splitter can distribute up to four HDMI / PC signals to four other displays, and it supports resolutions all the way up to UXGA. All three can be had right now for $129, $349 and $239 in order of mention.