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Nex-Tech / Redline bringing WiMAX to Kansas

Darren Murph

While Sprint's XOHM network is sticking to the bustling metropolises of the US, Redline is looking to bring the wonders of 4G to those sitting in rural America. Granted, this here deployment isn't the first we've seen in a less-than-dense locale, but thanks to its RedMAX infrastructure products and Nex-Tech's desire to spread the love, a number of cities in the Sunflower State are about to get blanketed with WiMAX. More specifically, we're told that Hays (see above) and Great Bend will get covered by next month, but we're left to assume, er, hope that neighboring towns will fall under the umbrella in due time.

[Via InformationWeek, image courtesy of AirForceBase]