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Leap's Cricket unveils unique per-day PAYGo prepaid service

Darren Murph

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Cricket Communications is well known for offering contract-less / prepaid options for wireless users who'd rather not be shackled down by any given carrier, and today we're checking out yet another option for those still not satisfied by current offerings. The PAYGo service, which is being launched initially in Cincinnati / Dayton, Savannah / Hilton Head and Houston, offers customers the ability to pay for three varying levels of usage on a per-day basis. The Cricket EZ, UTStarcom CDM7126 and Samsung MyShot can be activated on the plan, which only charges you for days you make or receive calls / text messages. For $1 per day, subscribers get unlimited local calling along with voicemail, caller ID and three-way calling, while the $2 per day plan adds unlimited text / picture messaging; the $3 / day plan throws in limited US long distance, international texting to 100+ nations and mobile web / directory assistance.

[Via phonescoop]

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