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Pomera DM10 is tri-folding overkill for note takers


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Oh, we get it. The SPH-P9000-inspired, Pomera Digital Memo DM10 is built for quick data entry on the go. As such it features a full-size folding keyboard, 2-second startup, 20-hour battery life, microSD expansion, and 4-inch VGA display in a device the size of a 1.18-inch thick paperback. But we're not going to hand over $269 of our hard-earned cash when we can take home an 8.9-inch netbook for $30 more. You, however, are free to do as you please when the DM10 lands in Japan on November 10th. Just prepare yourself for haughty looks of contempt from behind our pipes and moleskins -- hmph.

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