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Acoustic Research ARW51 takes any 5.1 system and makes it wireless

Darren Murph

While even audio amateurs have been struggling for years to figure out an efficient way to ditch / conceal the wires in their 5.1-channel audio systems, solutions from manufacturers have been limited. Sure, there's the Rocketfish amplifier, which essentially makes the rear speakers in a 5.1 rig cordless, but there's still tons of room for growth in the sector. Enter Acoustic Research, which is introducing its 5.1 modular wireless speaker conversion system. The ARW51's claim to fame is this: its point-to-multipoint technology can take "any 5.1 speaker system and make it wireless." Better still, AR promises six full bandwidth, 16-bit audio channels, and the "code-hopping circuitry" enables it to deliver CD-quality sound while "avoiding any potential interference from cordless phones, 802.11 computer networks and microwave ovens." No word on release just yet, but the MSRP has been set at $699.99. Full release is after the break.

The Acoustic Research Universal 5.1 Modular Wireless Speaker Conversion System Receives the 2009 CEA Innovations Honoree Award

HAUPPAUGE, NY – November 11, 2008 – Audiovox Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX). Acoustic Research is offering a 5.1 modular wireless speaker conversion system that, it says, will find overwhelming acceptance by consumers who can now experience their home theater surround sound system without the hassle of running wires from their speakers to the receiver. This product is the recent winner of the 2009 CEA Innovations Honoree Award.

The ARW51's true point-to-multipoint technology takes any 5.1 speaker system and makes it wireless. It allows the user to place each receiver at any location within range, providing great flexibility and eliminating audible noise and distortion. Its diversity antennas help overcome problems with multi-path fading (signals bouncing off walls, people, etc). Transmission of 6 full bandwidth 16 bit CD quality audio channels eliminates audible noise and distortion.

Best of all, the ARW51's breakthrough code- hopping circuitry delivers true CD-quality sound while avoiding any potential interference from cordless phones, 802.11 computer networks and microwave ovens.

Tom Malone, president, Audiovox Electronics Corporation said, "The ARW51 was designed to give consumers a 5.1 system with rear channels or subwoofer where needed, without the need to run speaker wire or an audio cable."

The ARW51, says goodbye to weak speakers, under-powered amps and massive signal distortion. With intelligent error correction, advanced antennas and powerful 50-watt digital amps, the ARW51 solution utilizes the users existing 5.1 speaker system to create a high-fidelity surround sound environment that brings home cinema to life. MSRP of $699.99.

Audiovox will also be marketing a full line of universal modular wireless speaker conversion systems from a 2.1, individual and wireless sub-module.